September 2014


1st Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of Green ProcA´s new semi-annual electronic newsletter for purchasers in public institutions and political decision makers. The newsletter will inform about the project’s objectives and actions, good practices, tools, events and about the gathered experiences during the implementation of Green Procurement.


Green ProcA – part of Europe´s drive to 20/20/20…

The EU has a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020 – one of the  “20-20-20” targets. Green Public Procurement (GPP) can contribute substantially to this goal.

Green ProcA - Green Public Procurement in Action - builds upon the results of the precursor project Buy Smart+. Its main objective is the promotion of Green Public Procurement towards public authorities. The project primarily focusses on signatories of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) addressing Green Procurement in their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP). Furthermore, local authorities that are on the brink of becoming a CoM signatory or have other voluntary targets for enhancing energy efficiency or reducing CO2 emissions may also qualify for receiving support from Green ProcA.

The project offers:

Information for purchasers
The project website www.gpp-proca.eu  provides information and tools for purchasers.
You will find:

- Information about Green Public Procurement (GPP) and its implementation step by step
- Information about GPP implementation in local authorities having signed the Covenant of Mayors
  (CoM) and Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs)
- Introduction on legal requirements of GPP and the procurement situation in the different countries
- Presentation of lighthouse and best practice examples
- News section with press releases and information about relevant developments, events,
- Download section for brochures
- Links to relevant European and national activities about green procurement and to the Covenant
  of Mayors (CoM)


Free consultation and training sessions
Should you wish to increase your knowledge about green procurement and energy and
environmental criteria or launch your first green procurement procedure using the instruments developed, please apply for

- free training
- personal consultation
- support for the preparation of lighthouse projects


National Helpdesks
Partners from 7 European countries implement the Green ProcA project. The project promotes, implements and further develops the instruments for green procurement in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and Slovakia


National and International Award
A national GPP award will be set up and the winners of these awards will compete in the European GPP award along with other projects.

In addition Green ProcA will collaborate with national and international network partners of the public sector, for example the Covenant of Mayors Office, local authority networks or associations and also e-procurement platforms.

Please visit our national sub sites for specific information: www.gpp-proca.eu



18. August 2014
New GPP guidance provides support to Irish procurers
Interview with Jane Kenneally, Inspector at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Ireland, about the new GPP Guidance.

Read the interview:


15. August 2014
Efficient waste water treatment in the Netherlands – a competitive dialogue process
The Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg (WBL) is the public utility company responsible for the transport and treatment of municipal and industrial waste water and treatment of sludge in the province of Limburg, Netherlands. To meet their strict energy saving goals and reduce costs WBL wished to investigate innovative and more efficient techniques for waste water treatment. A competitive dialogue process was launched for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of a waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in Venlo. Bids were evaluated based on a life cycle costing approach, which considered a variety of factors, including the amount of biogas and waste sludge produced during the process.

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04. August 2014
Barcelona’s Tourism Board Celebrates World Environment Day
World Environment Day on 5th of June became a special event in Barcelona, as the main tourism board, Turisme de Barcelona, held an event to promote sustainable tourism. In the city’s main information office in Plaça Catalunya, visitors could find suggestions and recommendations for enjoying the city in a sustainable manner. They also received information about EMAS and EU eco-label tourism organizations.

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24. July 2014
New Public Procurement Rules published in the OJEU
On April 17, 2014, the new EU Public Procurement Directives came into force. Member States must implement them by 18 April 2016. The New Public Procurement Directives codify existing case-law of the European Court of Justice in the field of public procurement, and include new provisions aimed at making public procurement more efficient and strategically orientated to the needs of contracting authorities.

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08. July 2014
Scottish Procurement Reform Act obliges public sector to consider social and environmental factors
A new Scottish Act of Parliament, which received Royal Ascent on 17 June, puts pressure on public sector organisations to include broader social and environmental considerations in procurement processes. The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act obliges local authorities, before carrying out a procurement, to consider whether it can be used to “improve the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of the authority’s area, facilitate the involvement of small and medium enterprises, third sector bodies and supported businesses in the process, and promote innovation”.

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03. July 2014
European Commission seeks input on procurement of bio-based products
To help promote a bio-economy in Europe, the European Commission is supporting the development of standards, labels and certifications promoting the public procurement of bio-based products. The term ‘‘bio-based product’’ refers to products, other than food or feed, that are derived, in whole or in significant part, from biomass. In many cases, they may serve as an alternative to existing fossil-based products.

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23 June 2014
New procurement guide helps public authorities unlock the benefits of innovation
Harnessing private sector innovation to solve public sector problems is at the heart of public procurement of innovation (PPI). To reduce the existing knowledge gap on PPI, the EU-funded Public Procurement of Innovation Platform project has launched a comprehensive guide.

Download the guide here:


2014-2015 Call in support of PCP in Horizon 2020 is still open
A total budget of €130-140 million is published across the different Horizon 2020 work programmes of calls for proposals for PCP (pre-commercial procurement) and PPI (public procurement of innovative solutions) projects.  The deadline of the call is 14 April 2015.

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22 – 23 September
Second Interdisciplinary Symposium on Public Procurement
Budapest, Hungary


24 - 26 September 2014
EcoProcura 2014
Sustainability, innovation and cost efficiency: taking procurement forward
Ghent, Belgium


15 October 2014
Smart Public Procurement Lab
Vienna, Austria


13 – 14 November 2014
Sustainable procurement workshops in Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark


17 – 20 November 2014
Towards a Resource Efficient Economy
Vienna, Austria


26 - 28 February 2015
World Sustainable Energy Days
Wels, Austria
Stadthalle Wels, Pollheimerstrasse 1, A-4600



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